A photograph of a racially and gender diverse team of six making decisions.
Software engineering is inherently social.

Cooperative Software Development

by Amy J. Ko

1st edition

This book is an introduction to the many human, social, and political aspects of software engineering. It’s unique in two ways. First, unlike many software engineering books, it explictly avoids centering technical questions about software engineering, instead focusing on the many ways that software engineering work is cognitive, social, and organizational. Second, it does so by engaging extensively with academic research literature, summarizing key findings, but also questioning them, opening a dialog about the nature of software engineering work and the many factors that shape it. Anyone that reads it will be better prepared to critically engage in creating software in teams.

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Margaret Hamilton working on the Apollo flight software. Chapter 1


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A software team hard at work Chapter 2


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A man and a woman having a conversation Chapter 3


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A women working at a laptop Chapter 4


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A screenshot of the Zoho issue tracker. Chapter 5


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An architectural structure showing the framework of a glass structure Chapter 6


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A photograph of a church hallway with arches. Chapter 7


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A blueprint for an architectural plan Chapter 8


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A photograph of a river Chapter 9


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A visualization of many interconnected node Chapter 10


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A check mark Chapter 11


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A photograph of a lifeguide monitoring a beach. Chapter 12


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Four variations on an at sign. Chapter 13


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An illustration of a fly swatter. Chapter 14


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Thank you to the excellent software engineering research community for the continued feedback and of course for all of the insightful research upon which this book is based. And thank you the students who always have insightful things to add!

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Amy J. Ko (2024). Cooperative Software Development. …, retrieved 4/21/2024.