Occultation and Microlensing routines

The following are routines based upon Agol (2002), astro-ph/0207228. If you use these routines in your research, please cite this paper. If you find any bugs in these routines, please let me know and I will make my best effort to correct them.

  • IDL Routines
  • Includes extsource.pro and limbdark.pro
  • Fortran Routines
  • Tar file "lightcurve.tar.gz" which includes the files lightcurve.f, lightcurve.pro, and lc.in. For a quick start, run lightcurve.pro in IDL which compiles and calls lightcurve.f with lc.in as input. First, save to disk from browser, extract ('gunzip lightcurve.tar.gz', 'tar -xvf lightcurve.tar'), and then start idl. From IDL command line, type
IDL> @lightcurve You should see a plot appear in the IDL window which shows the lightcurve for the parameters specified in lc.in, which are rs (radius of source in units of Einstein radius), rl (radius of lens in units of Einstein radius), c1, c2, c3, c4 (limb-darkening coefficients of non-linear limb-darkening law - see Mandel & Agol 2002 for a description). Set c1=c2=c3=c4=0 for a uniform source. If you make use of these routines or would like to be informed of updates or bugs, please email me:
Eric Agol (agol AT uw.edu)