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I am looking for independent and driven graduate students who arrive armed with questions that in some way complement those being addressed by my lab. Competition for spots in the SEFS Wildlife Science Interest Group is intense. I will be especially inclined to support candidates who (1) have an excellent record of preparation (including highly competitve test scores and academic transcripts and relevant research experience), (2) show an interest in testing concepts rather than working with specific taxa, (3) are committed to working collaboratively and amicably, (4) obtain their own financial support (e.g., from the EPA, Hertz Foundation, National Science Foundation) and are willing to continually seek external funding, and (5) can articulate why they want to be a graduate student.

I do not currently have funds for any additional graduate students. If you have your own funding and would like to join the lab, then please familiarize yourself with the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Graduate Application Process and email me as much of the following information as possible: a CV, unofficial copies of your transcripts and GRE scores (if available), and a brief letter of interest explaining why you want to pursue graduate studies and how our research goals overlap. Note that I regularly update this site regarding my capacity to support graduate students (last updated 09/17/12).


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Shark Bay at sunset (Photograph by Robin Abernethy)
Telemetry in the Bitterroots (ID)
Near a snowshoe hare study site in the Clearwater National Forest (ID)