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Research Projects

English in the Pacific Northwest project:

Project Corpus: (123 GB, 193 hours) audio recordings, including transcriptions.


Vowel Trajectory Analysis Demonstration:

Corpus: (10 MB) Demonstration corpus, with analysis scripts.  Prepared for Invited Workshop “Best Practices in Sociophonetics”, New Ways of Analyzing English (NWAV 2013) with Christian Koops, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque


User Interface for SOAM, the Spectral Overlap Assessment Metric (Wassink, 2006). A software tool for acoustic phonetic, sociolinguistic, and experimental phonological research




2012 Dialect Evolution and Ongoing Variable Linguistic Input: Production and Perception of the English spoken in the Pacific Northwest”, National Science Foundation. $250,000 USD. Role: PI. (BCS-1147678)

2007 “Dialect Evolution and Ongoing Variable Linguistic Input: English in the Pacific Northwest 200 years after Lewis and Clark”, National Science Foundation. Award Amount: $97,000 USD. Role: PI. (BCS-0643374)

2007 “How strict is the “mother tongue”?  Using Dialects to Probe Early Speech Perception and Word Recognition”. Australian Research Council/National Institute of the Humanities Research Grant (Drs. Catherine Best and Christine Kitamura, co-PIs). $1.4million USD. Role: consultant.

2005 Curriculum Development Award, African Studies Minor, University of Washington.  $2,000.  LING455: Areal Linguistics.

2003 Royalty Research Fund, University of Washington.  $40,000. “Spectral Overlap Assessment Metric: vowel analysis and 3-D graphical representation”. Software development. Role: PI.

2002   Center for Mind, Brain and Learning, University of Washington (now i-Labs). $101,788. “Intraspeaker variability in Motherese, Hyperspeech and the Lombard Reflex” (Co-PI with Richard Wright, Department of Linguistics)

2002   Junior Faculty Development Grant, University of Washington. $30,000.  Investigation of intra-speaker variability in Jamaican Creole.  Role: Principal Investigator

2000   Curriculum Development Grant, University of Washington. $27,722 Role: co-awardee (with Julia Herschensohn, Karen Zagona, and Richard Wright)

2000   “Intrinsic f0 in Jamaican Creole”. Faculty Fellows Undergraduate Research Assistantship Award, University of Washington.  $1,000. Role: PI

1999   Allen Endowment Award, University of Washington. $10,000.  Grant to supplement the holdings of the Sociolinguistics laboratory with electronic corpora.