Alicia Beckford Wassink


Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Washington

Department Main Office: 4th Floor, Guggenheim Hall

Department Phone: +(206) 543-2046

Email: wassink [at] u [dot] washington [dot] edu


(Curriculum Vitae)


I am Director of the Sociolinguistics Laboratory, and an associate professor of Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Washington. On this website, you will find up-to-date information about my research and teaching.




My research interests lie in sociolinguistics (the study of language in its various social contexts, the relationships between language and social network structure, language attitudes and the outcomes of language and dialect contact) and phonetics (the study of the acoustic properties of spoken language, perception, and physiological aspects of human speech).  One of my principal languages of study is Jamaican Creole. When I'm in Jamaica conducting fieldwork, my home base is the University of the West Indies.



Selected research papers and presentations



Research projects




The UW Sociolinguistics Laboratory


with Chris Koops,

Quantifying and Interpreting Vowel Formant Trajectory Information

 (NWAV42, Pittsburgh

October 17, 2013, Towards Best Practices in Sociophonetics workshop)

English in the Pacific Northwest Project


Corpus holdings for sociolinguistics research




Effects of Style and Gender on Fronting and Raising of /e/, /e:/ and /ae/ before /g/ in Seattle English


(NWAV38, Ottawa

October 22-25, 2009)



PNWE AudioQuiz

Elicitation Materials Clearinghouse



1999 Dissertation, A Sociophonetic Analysis of Jamaican Vowels

VOIS3D software






The linked items below will take you to present and past syllabi and course descriptions for the courses that I teach.


 Introduction to Linguistic Thought (LING200)

Areal Linguistics: Pidgins and Creoles (LING430)

Sociolinguistic Applications of Social Network Theory (LING534)

Sociolinguistics I (LING432/ANTH432/LING532)

Introduction to Linguistic Phonetics (LING450)

Advanced Linguistic Phonetics (LING554)

Sociolinguistics II (LING433/ANTH433)

Advanced Sociolinguistics (LING535)

Some seminars: Just Noticeable Differences, Dialect Contact, Vowel-Inherent Spectral Change


LING580, Computational Methods in Linguistic Analysis (co-taught with Emily Bender)

R in Linguistics (complement to Compuational Methods in Linguistic Analysis)


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