XRAY(1)                         TIPSY COMMANDS                        XRAY(1)


       xray  -  make  xray  maps  in different energy bands and write to FITS


       xray min max filename size


       xray creates xray luminosity images and an  x-ray  emmission  weighted
       temperature  image of size pixels on a side of the current projection.
       The total xray luminosity is written to filenametot.fits, and the tem-
       perature image is written to filenametemp.fits.  Luminosities in indi-
       vdual band are written to filename_band_number.fits.  Images  are  are
       logarithmically  scaled,  and the minimum and maximum pixel values are
       limited by min and max respectively.  Xray emmisivities for each  band
       as  a  function of temperature are taken from spline interpolations of
       tables which can be loaded with the xrayload command.


       vista(1) xrayload

Katz and Quinn Release 2.0      22 MARCH 1994                         XRAY(1)

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