VISTA(1)                  TIPSY COMMANDS                 VISTA(1)


       vista - make FITS images


       vista type low high file size [ vel-min velmax ]


       vista creates a fits image of size pixels on a side of the
       current projection and writes it to file.  The  values  in
       the  fits  file  are  base 10 logarithms of various smooth
       quantities and are limited to values between low and high.
       type  determines what variables are output, and is one of:
       density  (gas  density),  temperature  (gas  temperature),
       pressure (gas pressure), cooling (gas cooling time), form-
       star (star formation rate),  star  (star  density),  lumi,
       lumv,  lumb,  lumu,  lumuu  (I, V, B, U or UU band stellar
       luminosity), dark (dark matter density), hneutral (neutral
       hydrogen  column density), heI (neutral helium column den-
       sity), and heII (singly ionized helium column density).

       All smoothed quantities are calculated by  projecting  the
       particles  onto  the grid using a Smooth Particle Hydrody-
       namics technique with a spline softening kernel.  For  gas
       quantities  the  smoothing  length   is set by the hsmooth
       parameter of each particle.  For dark or star  quantities,
       the smoothing parameters can be set by the smooth command.

       For the species column densities,  velocity  cuts  can  be
       made with the optional parameters vel-min and vel-max.  to
       simulate emmission seen within a limited spectral range.


       coolconstants(1), formconstants(1), lumconstants(1),  red-
       shift(1), smooth(1) viscconstants(1)

Katz and Quinn Release 2.022 MARCH 1994                  VISTA(1)

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