VIEWARRAY(1)              TIPSY COMMANDS             VIEWARRAY(1)


       viewarray - plot particles according to array values


       viewarray plot_type mapname min max [ clip ]




       viewarray  plots  particles colored according to the value
       read in by the readarray command.   Plot_type  is  one  of
       dark, gas, star, all, logdark, loggas, logstar, or logall.
       If the "log" versions of the plot_type are used, the  par-
       ticles  are  colored  by  the  log  (base 10) of the array
       value.  Mapname is the name of a color map to use,  either
       wrbb  rainbow reverse_rainbow or default.  Min and max are
       the array values for the minimum and maximum colors to  be
       plotted.   If clip is specified, either as cliplo, clipup,
       or clipboth, particles are not plotted at all if they  lie
       outside  the  color range, below the minimum, or above the
       maximum, or either, respectively.


       markarray(1), readarray(1)

Katz and Quinn Release 2.022 MARCH 1994              VIEWARRAY(1)

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