READARRAY(1)              TIPSY COMMANDS             READARRAY(1)


       readarray - read an array from a file


       readarray filename [ power ]


       readarray  reads  in an array of scalars for each particle
       from the file filename for use by commands like arraystat,
       markarray,  and  viewarray.   The  optional power argument
       will raise the scalars to a power as they are read in.

       The file filename must be an ascii file. The  file  should
       be of the form:


              array_value(i), i = 1 to ntotal

       where ntotal is the total number of particles.  Therefore,
       the total file length is ntotal+1 lines.

       The readvector command is used to read in vectors.


       arraystat(1), markarray(1), readvector(1), viewarray(1)

KQ Release 2.0            22 MARCH 1994              READARRAY(1)

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