PCENTER(1)                TIPSY COMMANDS               PCENTER(1)


       pcenter - recenter a periodic box


       pcenter  box-number  center_x  center_y  center_z period_x
       period_y period_z


       pcenter recenters the box box-number  at  (center_x,  cen-
       ter_y, center_z) assuming periodic boundaries with a peri-
       odic length in the x direction  of  x_period,  a  periodic
       length  in  the  y  direction  of y_period, and a periodic
       length in the z direction of z_period.  NOTE: this command
       permanently  changes the positions of all the particles in
       box box-number.  If the box box-number is  not  loaded  an
       error is generated.

       Note  that  if  the  origional  box  0  is not centered at
       (0,0,0), a loadall or a setbox 0 will be needed after  the
       pcenter command.


       hubble(1), vcenter(1)

KQ Release 2.0            22 MARCH 1994                PCENTER(1)

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