hubble(1)                 TIPSY COMMANDS                hubble(1)


       hubble - add or remove the Hubble expansion in a box


       hubble box-number hubble-constant x-center y-center z-cen-


       hubble adds a radial hubble flow to  box  box-number  cen-
       tered  on  the  coordinates  (x-center, y-center, zcenter)
       with a Hubble constant of hubble-constant.   This  command
       is  useful  when  converting  to and from comoving coordi-
       nates.  To add a Hubble flow to the  box  use  a  positive
       value  for  hubble-constant  and to subtract a hubble flow
       use a negative value for hubble constant.  NOTE: this com-
       mand  permanently changes the velocities of all the parti-
       cles in box box-number.  To undo a hubble  command  repeat
       the  command with a hubble-constant of equal magnitude but
       of opposite sign.  If the box box-number is not loaded  an
       error is generated.


       drift (1), pcenter (1), vcenter (1)

KQ Release 2.0            22 MARCH 1994                 hubble(1)

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