BIME 598 Spring 2015
Operating Clinical Computing Systems in a Medical Center


Who this seminar series is for   ●Those who want to learn more about the practical side of clinical computing.  ●Those who want to know where clinical big data come from.  ●Those who want to leverage the dramatic growth in EHR use globally, and the demand for people who know not only the theory but the day-to-day realities of operating clinical computing systems on which hospitals and clinics depend.  ●Those planning academic and applied informatics careers who need background in topics covered in this seminar series.  ●Those preparing for Board Certification in Clinical Informatics.

What it covers    Practical aspects of clinical computing, such as the architecture of clinical computing systems in medical centers, the realities of HL7 interfaces, interface engines, maintaining a stable infrastructure, medical record requirements, ongoing user training and support, and what it takes to keep clinical computing systems continuously available.  Following successful CPOE rollouts and growing use of ambulatory EMRs in UW Medicine, we rely even more heavily on clinical computing systems.

Format    Weekly seminars presented by UW and regional experts in clinical computing, most of whom are actively involved in the topic they present.  Tours of UWMC and HMC patient care areas and hardware rooms.

What is required    Active participation in seminar, readings, thoughtful questions of presenters.  No papers or exams, but project opportunities are available.

Comments from past participants    Offer it more often  •   I really enjoyed all the professional speakers   •   This was a REALLY good seminar series that would be of great benefit to the majority of BHI students, especially those interested in clinical informatics.

Questions    See Detail & Schedule or send email to Tom Payne (


Dates         Friday, April 3 - June 5, 2015

Time          10:00 - 11:20 am

Location     T 360 Health Sciences

Text            Practical Guide to Clinical Computing:       

                   Design, Operations and Infrastructure

                   **2nd Edition!**