Social Computing and Algorithmic Experiences Lab

I direct the Social Computing and ALgorithmic Experiences (SCALE) Lab.

Currently, my lab includes students from both the Information School at University of Washington and the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech. Prospective students who want to work in my lab should apply to the University of Washington.

Current Advisees

Shruti Phadke (UW)

Shruti is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Information School at UW. She’s interested in studying the social dynamics and linguistic expressions in online fringe communities (eg. domestic extremist groups, conspiracy theorists, and online cults). Outside of work, she’s usually lost in reading magical realism.

Prerna Juneja (UW)

Prerna is a Ph.D. student in the Information School at UW. Through her research, she investigates algorithmically curated misinformation on social media platforms. In her free time, she listens to Taylor Swift songs and enjoys taking long solitary walks.

Kristen Engel (UW)

Kristen is a Ph.D. student in the Information School at UW.

Brian Keith (VT)

Brian is a Fullbright scholar from Chile, and a CS PhD student at Virginia Tech. He is working on computational representations of information narratives and visualization tools to aid analysts in their sensemaking process. Outside of work, Brian enjoys playing strategy games and watching history documentaries.

Momen Bhuiyan (VT)

Momen is a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science department at Virginia Tech. Momen is currently working on news consumption issues in relation to social media, trying to solve problems surrounding information through computation and design.


Lee Polla
Shuang Zhao


Hayoung Jung
David Xie
Alice Zhang