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course information

art 120 - issues and influences
art120 has been designed to introduce new art students and other interested undergraduates to the world of contemporary art and design. each week, one of the different areas of the school of art's design and studio art divisions will be featured with corresponding lectures, films, videos, readings, and site visits introducing the particular issues and influences of each discipline.
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art 124 - 3 dimensional design fundamentals
art124 is intended to provide an introduction to fundamental principles involved in three-dimensional problem solving and art making. students will work with a variety of materials and techniques in the pursuit of creating three-dimensional forms which both function and can be understood in real space.
ART124 WINTER05 final project images

art 126 - topics in studio art
art126 explores fundamental visual phenomena in two-dimensional, three-dimensional and time-based media. class projects move freely from medium to medium in order to experiment with ideas in many dimensions and to explore relationships among expressions in different media. the assignments intend to explore the many facets of artistic process from the concept to the execution in a variety of formats and media. in-class slide presentations and discussions help putting assignments in the context of contemporary art practice.
ART126 SUMMER05 window-space project images

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art 131 - alternative approaches to art and design
art131 introduces some key principles and processes in visual art by using a variety of formats and media, both traditional and digital. assignments are complex, challenging but infinitely rewarding. the course explores the many facets of artistic process from developing the initial concept to completing the finished product. class discussions, slide lectures, demos, and exercises provide students with tools, strategies and many contemporary art examples.
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art 201 - ceramics handbuilding
art201 provides an introduction to handbuilding as a basic construction process in ceramic art; kiln firing and glazing processes. weekly demos, slide presentations and discussions examine issues of contemporary sculpture in clay.

art 360- why is that art?
“why is that art?” is a hands-on studio course exploring a variety of themes, concepts, and criticism in the
contemporary visual arts. the objective of the course is to consider contemporary visual arts from the maker’s point of view, through the lens of a selection of established as an exposure to these theories and applying them in the student's own art makingpractice.
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art 360- interdisciplinary concepts of time and space in contemporary art
art361 investigates a wide range of issues of TIME and SPACE in the contemporary studio art process through a variety of formats and materials.
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art 400- interdisciplinary visual arts senior projects
art400 focuses on the development of senior–level, exhibition quality artwork in any format and media.
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flex-spaces are available studio spaces at the soa's sandpoint location which are open on quarterly or weekly basis for special projects of research, instruction, presentation, and documentation of art.
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"touching art" sculpture for the blind
"touching art" was a collaboration between the washington state department of services for the blind and the school of art, to facilitate the creation and exhibition of wall mounted artworks of any media made by UW students. the tactile artworks were intended to be experienced both by the sighted public and by persons who are blind or of low vision.
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