ART 400 A:

Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Senior Project

Spring 2008
M, W 11:30-2:20
Room: Art207

Instructor: Timea Tihanyi


Discussion Board
The goal of this forum is to stay informed about and discuss issues related to ongoing events in contemporary visual arts (both local and global).
Use the Announcements discussion area to post announcements about shows to see, articles to read, websites to check out, and any other events you would like to recommend to your peers.

Check the Announcements discussion area weekly for fresh recommendations. Important: When you log in for the first time, please create a profile for yourself. Your profile should include your first and last name, an image of your avatar, and your email address.

Link to ART400B (Anne Steven's class) Discussion Board
In case if you need a path to communicate with your counterpart in the other class.

Updated Schedule & Assignments


3/31 Course information
4/2 Introductions: Bring 3 artworks you have made (JPG is preferred)
Josiah McElheny lecture at the Henry, 7:30pm TIX: $12
4/7 Work process, work habits: Strategies; Visit to Sandpoint Gallery
4/9 Project plans first draft
Brian Tolle lecture
at the Henry, 7:00pm
WEEk 3
4/14 Individual meetings (sign up on bulletin board)
4/16 Individual meetings (sign up on bulletin board)
Week 4
4/21 Plan for show, Jobs and responsibilities, form committees
4/23 Artist Statement 1st draft due, 5 visual source images (must be JPG)
SOA Open House 12-7pm Set up work in rm207 by 1pm. IVA Social 1-2pm; Francis Cape Lecture at the Henry is at 7pm.

4/28 Committees report, show and promotion ideas
4/30 Photographing artwork demo with Doug Manelski. Meet in rm010 at 11:30. Bring 1 artwork. (Timea is in Chicago)
Week 6
5/5 PPR 1. Card designs to be voted on. Resume, statement workshop
5/7 PPR 2. Committee reports: cards approved, promotion, reception planning
Week 7
5/12 PPR 3. Installation strategies, presentation, portfolio
5/14 PPR 4. Documentation, website; Possible guest or field trip
Week 8
Document your artwork on your own schedule, make an appointment for the photo studio in rm010
Document your artwork on your own schedule, make an appointment for the photo studio in rm010
5/26 HOLIDAY: No class
Document your artwork on your own schedule, make an appointment for the photo studio in rm010
5/28 Individual CRITS 1 (sign up on bulletin board)
- Artwork documentation (3 JPGS max. 2 MB each, on a CD-R);
- Project plans, tests;
- Project progress log/ journal and calendar;
- Artist Statement;
- Short Bio (resume)
6/2 Individual CRITS 2 (sign up on bulletin board)
- Artwork documentation (3 JPGS max. 2 MB each, on a CD-R);
- Project plans, tests;
- Project progress log/ journal and calendar;
- Artist Statement;
- Short Bio (resume) 6/4 Final Installation plans, floor-plan, last minute to-do’s
6/9 Install show 2:30-6pm

Open House: Friday, April 25 from 12-7pm Set up work in rm207 by 1pm. IVA Social 1-2pm; Francis Cape Lecture at the Henry is at 7pm.
SoA Graduation: 6:30-9pm on Thursday, June 12
UW Commencement: 12-5pm on Saturday, June 14
Exhibition reception: Friday, June 13 6-9pm
Take down and gallery clean up: June 15 through noon on June 17

printable SYLLABUS and Course Information

Course Description

Art400 focuses on the development of senior–level, exhibition quality artwork in any format and media.
During the course of the quarter, students will be able to set their own assignment goals, identify key ideas and sources, fine-tune their processes and develop their concepts into a finished, exhibition quality project. Assignments are designed to strengthen oral presentation and critiquing skills, formulate a strong and compelling artist's written statement, and understand one’s artmaking process within a larger art historical framework. The course also covers curatorial issues, installation, presentation, and documentation of finished work. With these skills, students will be prepared for professional life beyond school, including visualizing ideas, developing proposals, and putting together a strong portfolio and other application materials.
Art400 culminates in a group exhibition. Students must be available during finals week (June 9-14) to participate in the show and the Monday after (June 16 th) to take down the work and restore the gallery to its original condition. See information on gallery for more details on the schedule and times required to be present. The reception is scheduled for Friday, June 13th 6-9pm. Invite friends and family!
This is an interdisciplinary visual arts studio course; we will be thinking and talking about, as well as making art in this manner. Please note that assignments will need to be done outside of class time. Expect to spend at least 6-8hours/week on your studio practice.
If you need access to specialized equipment, other than the woodshop or the SOACC, arrange in advance with the respective program/studio. For example, if you want to do some welding as part of your project, you need to have previous experience with the equipment and arrange with the technician/faculty in the sculpture program. Class time will be spent on topical discussions and consultations, critiques, logistical issues, and guest presentations. One-on-one consultations and group brainstorming sessions will prepare you to tackle challenges from the conception of the initial idea to the execution of the finished project.
Consultation and demos on unfamiliar materials and techniques are always available upon your request.


1. Participate in building an environment of learning and experimentation where:
a. taking risks and challenging conventions is preferred;
b. safe to ask questions and debate issues;
c. positive and critical feedback is offered in a supportive spirit;
d. all participants are attentive and respectful of each other.

2. Class begins and ends at the appointed time. Arrive on time and prepared to discuss your progress with the project as well as the assigned topic.

3. Be responsible for your own successful completion of the course. This means to:
a. Keep an open attitude. Experiment, challenge yourself and strive for new ideas.
b. Attend all sessions and complete all assignments on time. Participation in discussions and critiques is required and an important part of your course experience (and grade.)
c. If sudden illness, emergency or random act of nature should prevent you from attending class, contact me ( IN ADVANCE.
If you take an absence you are responsible for following up with a classmate, receiving any assignments and
completing them on time.
d. All projects must be completed and presented on time. Late projects will not be accepted.

4. This course prepares you for real-life studio practice. You are expected to take your own work seriously and to be organized and conscientious in planning and managing project work time.

5. Most projects are just not practical to do at home. Rm. 207 is your shared studio space for the duration of the quarter. You have full access to the room outside of the scheduled class times. Wherever you work, always leave your work area clean. Observe safety, traffic flow, and maintenance rules when working in public spaces outside of the classroom. Attain permission from Kris Jones in the main office (rm. 102) before installing your project. LEAVE NO TRACE policy applies!
Move out all materials, tools and projects from the classroom by June 4th.

6. Absolutely NO cell phone calls are to be taken or made during class. Turn off and put away all cell phones and digital equipment for the entire duration of class.

7. If you have any questions, concerns regarding the class or need extra help, talk to me ASAP.

Your final grade will be determined by the following:
• Effort shown in, artistic merit of completed senior project: 40%
• Participation in class activities, including critiques, class discussions, jobs and responsibilities for the show, etc.: 30%
• Professional manner, individual effort, commitment, progress throughout the quarter: 10%
• Preliminary project development (project plans, tests, project progress log/journal and calendar). Quality of final portfolio, including project documentation, artist statement, and resume. 20%


printable Exhibition Schedule

EXHIBITION SCHEDULE - Spring 2008 - June 9 through June 14 (attention: FINALS WEEK! All students must be present. No exceptions under any circumstances!)

The Sandpoint gallery is reserved for art400 Senior Project classes for their final exhibition: Monday, June 9 – Saturday, June 21
It will be shared between art400A and art400 B (Anne Hayden Stevens).

Additional rooms at Sandpoint may also be available. If you are working on large scale, with installation or video projection, or if your work requires special conditions of light, sound, etc. consider submitting an application for one of the Flex-Spaces. Applications should be submitted ASAP for the time period of May 26 through June 16.

Deliver work to the gallery: on your own schedule Monday, June 9th. All work must be in the gallery by 2:30pm.
Install exhibition: Monday, June 9 2:30-6pm

Art400B installs Tue, June 10 (you may also come in to finish installing at this time)

Gallery hours:

Wednesday, June 11 noon-4pm
Thursday, June 12 noon-4pm
Friday, June 13 noon-4pm

Exhibition reception: Friday, June 13 6-9pm Invite friends and family!

Saturday, June 14 noon-4pm

Each student is required to sit in the gallery in teams of two for all open hours. That is 2hours/person.

Take down and gallery clean up: June 16 and 17 On your own schedule (Remove work patch walls, clean and sweep.)
All work needs to be removed and your space restored by noon, on Tuesday, June 17th.
(Clean-up committee is responsible for checking gallery)


Art Resources

Research: SOA Library and Slide Library (1st floor)

- laptops and data projectors:
SOA Media Center (basement)
Classroom Support Services: STF Equipment (Kane Hall or reserve online:
- video and digital cameras, tripods:
SOA Computing Center (2nd floor)

Woodshop: SOA Woodshop (1st floor)
You’ll be checked out on the equipment before you are allowed to use it on your own.

Nearest Art Supply:
Thrift stores, dumpster and recycling
Hardwicks Hardware on Roosevelt & 43th
Artist and Craftsman Supply (behind PETCO off of 45th)
ACE Hardware on the Ave