ANTH 399

Stevan Harrell
Office: 249 Denny
Telephone: 543-5344
Office Hours: email for appointment
Laura L. Newell
Office: 423 Denny
Telephone: 543-5385
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Class goals and exercises
This class has one single, overriding goal: to have you emerge from it with a thesis prospectus that will serve as a basis for your research and writing of your senior honors thesis. The class will thus consist of a series of exercises designed to help you develop the skills necessary to write a coherent, logical, interesting prospectus. Each skill will be taught in the context of materials relating to the various fields of anthropology in which you may choose to write your thesis. That is, you will learn by doing. You will also be required to devote secondary attention to each other's topics and proposals, so that you will all have the benefit of advice from each other as well as from the instructors.

Skill One: Learning about academic writing
Skill two: Finding a research question
Skill three: Reading and evaluating research proposals
Skill four: Compiling resources
Skill five: Writing your thesis proposal
Skill six: Writing the thesis

Class schedule

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