Ada and Leith have returned from a successful trip to La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica! This field […]
Grenada is a 344 Km2 island located in the Southeastern Caribbean. Despite its small size, it […]
In July, Jeff Riffell, David Villalobos and I went to La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica […]
Time flies when you’re having fun, or if you are catching bats around the world, which […]
La Selva has been a fascinating place to visit. While Rochelle and I both had impressions […]
Ectophylla alba, the Honduran white bat, is a unique species of Neotropical leaf-nosed bat. Not only […]
After the Belize warm up, I went to Costa Rica to work at two main sites, […]
The field season 2013 started with a bang! This May, I joined an international team of over […]
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Videos from the Santana Lab at the University of Washington. We study morphology, behavior and ecology in bats and other mammals.

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