Welcome to the Santana Lab at the University of Washington and the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. We combine studies on the morphology, performance, behavior and ecology of mammals to understand their evolution and diversity. Browse this site to learn more about the lab and check our blog for lab and research news.

MTM14 Santana Lab photo full nocompression 1 cropped small size

The Santana Lab (Autumn 2014); left to right: Abby Vander Linden (lab tech), Rochelle Kelly (PhD student), Jeff Bradley (Collection Manager), Leith Miller (PhD student), Katie Stanchak (PhD student), Sharlene Santana (PI)

Sharlene E. Santana
Assistant Professor – Department of Biology
Curator of Mammals – Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

University of Washington, Box 351800
Seattle, WA 98195-1800
Lab: Kincaid 508 – Campus Map
Kincaid Office: (206) 221-6488
Burke Office: (206) 616-1781

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