To say 2020 was a challenge for our lab would be an understatement – we canceled […]
How are ecological systems assembled? Identifying common structural patterns within complex networks of interacting species has […]
Katie Stanchak successfully defended her Dissertation this past October! Katie’s research focused on the anatomical diversification […]
Congratulations to the newly minted PhDs from the lab, Rochelle Kelly and Leith Leiser-Miller!! Both of […]
Congratulations to lab members receiving awards and grants this summer! Katie Stanchak was awarded the American […]
In a new and exciting paper in Nature Communications, we present the results of phylogenetic comparative […]
We are currently moving the Burke Museum’s ~55,000 mammal specimens to the New Burke, which will […]
In collaboration with the Washington Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control, we  just […]
Why do some species have larger individuals in certain parts of their range?  In many animal species, body size tends to increase […]
Ph.D. student Katie Stanchak just published a new paper describing  the variation in the membrane and […]