I’m sure almost everyone has heard of crowdfunding for research dollars at this point, and maybe you are even intrigued by the concept. Well, two of us SAFS-ites (Lauren in the Olden Lab and Emma in the Roberts Lab) are out on the crowdfunding limb this month as part of the second #SciFund Challenge.  #SciFund will run through the end of the month, during which time we will promote our projects through friends, colleagues, social networking, and media.

Crowdfunding isn’t only about raising research dollars, but a way to get a broad range of people interested and involved in research that they might not normally think about. So it’s about describing our research in a way that engages a lot of people through narratives, video, and creating relevant and unique rewards for contributors.

You are probably wondering how you can help these intrepid members of your department – right?

1. Check out the projects on RocketHub.  They are really different and launched at different times, but both will run the rest of the month:

2. Kick in a few bucks if you are motivated – even small dollar amounts add up and also create momentum for a project!

3. Are you on Facebook/Twitter/ or have a website/blog?

Or – do you know people who do? Could you post our projects to people you know or those that follow this kind of research?  We both have short snippets about our research which you can use to re-post our content.

4. Do you know related researchers, organizations, or media that we should network with for support?  Send us their names or contact information.  

And since crowdfunding is about offering something in return, in return we promise to be good guinea pigs and share what we’ve learned through this process!

(and as always, sorry for the cross-posts!)


Emma and Lauren 

via the Lab Tumblr: http://genefish.tumblr.com/post/22275868550

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