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Temporally Isolated Lineages of Pink Salmon Reveal Unique Signatures of Selection on Distinct Pools of Standing Genetic Variation

MT Limborg, RK Waples, JE Seeb, LW Seeb – Journal of Heredity, 2014
Abstract A species’ genetic diversity bears the marks of evolutionary processes that have
occurred throughout its history. However, robust detection of selection in wild populations is
difficult and often impeded by lack of replicate tests. Here, we investigate selection in pink

Signals of heterogeneous selection at an MHC locus in geographically proximate ecotypes of sockeye salmon

WA Larson, JE Seeb, TH Dann, DE Schindler… – Molecular Ecology, 2014
Abstract The genes of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) are an important
component of the vertebrate immune system and can provide insights into the role of
pathogen-mediated selection in wild populations. Here we examined variation at the MHC

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