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The most important goal I have for this month is to complete the analysis of the MBD-Chip data for the EE2 experiment.  I will be documenting the workflow and results of this analysis for my final project in Bioinformatics class.  The next step this month is to validate the differentially methylated regions (DMRs) identified from the array.  I am also going to throw my hat in the ring for this month’s Pub-a-thon so I can win again get a head start on writing up the EE2 experiment (aka the last chapter of my dissertation!!).

There are also a few fun outreach/education things happening in March.  On March 15th I’ll be leading a bivalve workshop as part of Seattle Expanding Your Horizons and on March 20th I’ll be e-joining an undergraduate epigenetics class at Westfield State University where they’ll be discussing my recent paper (cool!).

Other than that, I will be trying my darndest not to give Emma dirty looks when she returns from Hawaii ..or at least not to her face 😉

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Mac’s March Goals