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The< i> myostatin</i> gene of< i> Mytilus chilensis</i> evidences a high level of polymorphism and ubiquitous transcript expression

G Núñez-Acuña, C Gallardo-Escárate – Gene, 2013
Abstract Myostatin (MSTN) is a protein of the Transforming Growth Factor-β (TGF-β)
superfamily and plays a crucial role in muscular development for higher vertebrates.
However, its biological function in marine invertebrates remains undiscovered. This study

[HTML] Source-Sink Estimates of Genetic Introgression Show Influence of Hatchery Strays on Wild Chum Salmon Populations in Prince William Sound, Alaska

JR Jasper, C Habicht, S Moffitt, R Brenner, J Marsh… – PLOS ONE, 2013
Abstract The extent to which stray, hatchery-reared salmon affect wild populations is much
debated. Although experiments show that artificial breeding and culture influence the
genetics of hatchery salmon, little is known about the interaction between hatchery and

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