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Now that the quarter is wrapping up, I’ll have much more time to focus my efforts on my current manuscript characterizing DNA methylation patterns in the Pacific oyster.  I’m currently navigating the process of creating an SRA submission online of our raw data (both bisulfite and RNA-seq), which is a bit trickier that I anticipated.  My main goal for this month is to examine patterns of oyster mitochondrial DNA methylation, which is information that will be included in this current manuscript.  

I will also be editing student proposals from this quarter’s environmental physiology course.  The students have completed various projects this quarter examining stress in various aquatic organisms.  Students this quarter were examining oysters, scallops, mussels, and even bacteria under various environmental stressors so it will be interesting to see their results in detail!

I am also hoping to compile my data in hopes of presenting my research at some conferences next year.  In particular, I’d be interesting in attending the NSA conference this spring, but I’ve got my eye set on hopefully being accepted to attend the Physiomar conference this year in Chile.

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Claire’s December Goals