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This Month I plan to:

– Run another qPCR on HSP70 in the populations heat shock experiment

– If interesting finish processing all samples taken and re-run

– Visit all 4 sample locations and take data on size, predation, Hobo

Loggers, and 5 animals from each tray for genetics.

– Familiarize myself with MicroSAT data

– Look into Simp Rad, RadSeq, and R

– Begin to Plan for Next Gen Sequencing of samples

– Look into Committee Members

– Plan long term for Local Adaptation Project and Thesis

– Write Santa a letter asking for some extra funding

– Have a Merry Christmas!

Things I accomplished last month:

– Ran experiment using mild heat shock to determine adaptive differences

between 3 oly populations and assayed using HSP70 and Actin

– Apply to the NSF GRFP

– Reposition Manchester Samples!

– Working on Social Media presence (Twitter)

via the Lab Tumblr:

Goals December 2013 Jake