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This month I will be focusing on the next step of the EE2 exposed oyster experiment.  So far I have phenotypic data from the trial, which indicated EE2 exposed females were larger than control females.  Based on these results I performed MBD-ChIP assays comparing DNA methylation between exposed and control females after 7 days of exposure.  Differentially methylated regions were identified and now I will be isolating RNA from these day 7 females in order to perform RNA-Seq analysis.  Aside from research related fun, I will also be performing my guest editor duties for the Frontiers’ Epigenetics in Invertebrates Research Topic, getting ready for my talk at PAG in early January, submitting an abstract for the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference in late spring and submitting a letter of intent for the USDA post doc fellowship.

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Mac’s December Goals