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Transient inactivation of myostatin induces muscle hypertrophy and overcompensatory growth in zebrafish via inactivation of the SMAD signaling pathway

EN Fuentes, K Pino, C Navarro, I Delgado, JA Valdés… – Journal of Biotechnology, 2013
Abstract Myostatin (MSTN) is the main negative regulator of muscle growth and
development in vertebrates. In fish, little is known about the molecular mechanisms behind
how MSTN inactivation triggers skeletal muscle enhancement, particularly regarding the

[PDF] Bivalve Omics: State of the Art and Potential Applications for the Biomonitoring of Harmful Marine Compounds

V Suárez-Ulloa, J Fernández-Tajes, C Manfrin… – Marine Drugs, 2013
Abstract: The extraordinary progress experienced by sequencing technologies and
bioinformatics has made the development of omic studies virtually ubiquitous in all fields of
life sciences nowadays. However, scientific attention has been quite unevenly distributed

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