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This month I:

– Plan to run an experiment using heat stress on my three populations to
determine if there is any locally adapted traits that help them mitigate
heat stress through HSP70 mRNA, glycogen phosphorylase (glycogen
metabolism), Glutathione S Transferase sigma (cell damage related gene).
– Apply for the NSF GRFP with the essays I completed in October to
hopefully get funding for another 3 years.
– Reposition the Manchester Samples for winter.
– Prepare for first field day in December.
– Pass the Fall Quarter
– Again attempt an extraction of multiple samples at once using a 96
well plate protocol.
– Improve my Social Media usage on things like twitter and tumblr.
– Learn to brine a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Things I was unable to accomplish last month:

– Extract multiple samples at once in 96 well plate. Was not able to
plan my time well enough to do so.

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November 2013 Goals Jake