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Well, not much has changed since last month, but at least I’m consistent.  I actually think that this is the week when I will submit the long-awaited proteomics manuscript (!).  Woot!

I’m also supposed to receive my poor lost glutathione s-transferase kit this week.  If I do, I will validate it with my test samples and probably get extractions and activity done for all my samples by the end of the month.  I may also do a few western blots for good measure, but why be greedy? I can save those for December.

In order to maintain some semblance of productivity in the mean time, I will continue to work on my dissertation to provide the maximum number of pages to Steven for his reading pleasure.  I’ve also been doing some literature review on antioxidant enzymes to prep for the inevitable write up of the work I’ll be doing in France.

French mot of the month: boueux (muddy).  This is inspired by the road leading to Steven’s house.  It’s a bit treacherous.  I think adorable flying teacup piglets would love it.

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Emma’s November Goals