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I can’t believe it’s already November! My main goal for this month is to finalize my current manuscript, finishing working on characterizing genome wide methylation in the oyster gonad tissue.  I am currently analyzing RNAseq data on the same tissue, and am excited to correlate this transcriptome sequencing with our bisulfite data.  My recent focus involves examining the relationship between SNPs and methylation in the oyster gonad, and my hypothesis is that genes with higher methylation have a higher incidence of SNPs.  

I will also be doing some lab work this month.  This will involve extracting RNA from a few of my oyster heat shock samples to see how much material I can get per extraction.  I have already extracted DNA from these samples, and am waiting to see Mac’s array results before further troubleshooting with the MBD protocol.

My other focus for the month is TAing the Environmental Physiology course. Our students are ramping up to begin their experiments so we will be setting these up over the next week.  We will be working with multiple organisms this quarter so it will be exciting to see the student results!

Happy (late) halloween!

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Claire’s November Goals