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The regulatory role of the adrenergic agonists phenylephrine and isoproterenol on fetal hemoglobin expression and erythroid differentiation

Y Mei, N Yin, X Jin, J He, Z Yin – Endocrinology, 2013
Abstract It has been reported that various endocrine hormones exert prominent effects on
erythropoiesis. We conducted experiments to identify the mechanisms involved in the
regulatory functions of adrenergic signaling on erythroid differentiation and the expression

[HTML] Construction and Characterization of Normalized cDNA Libraries by 454 Pyrosequencing and Estimation of DNA Methylation Levels in Three Distantly Related …

Y Hayashi, S Shigenobu, D Watanabe, K Toga, R Saiki… – PLOS ONE, 2013
Abstract In termites, division of labor among castes, categories of individuals that perform
specialized tasks, increases colony-level productivity and is the key to their ecological
success. Although molecular studies on caste polymorphism have been performed in

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