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Macquarie University in Sydney Australia is offering an International Macquarie Research Excellence (iMRES) scholarship for a suitably qualified overseas PhD candidate to study the genetic basis of disease resistance in Sydney rock oysters. Sydney rock oyster farming is one of Australia’s biggest aquaculture industries. However, its productivity is threatened by a number of infectious diseases. The iMQRES candidate will work as part of a large research program funded by the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Training Scheme. They will use proteomics or next generation nucleotide sequencing to identify genes responsible for disease resistance in strains of oysters that have been selectively bred for disease resistance. Alternatively, they will investigate the presence of disease resistance genes in wild oyster populations. The overall goal of the project is to identify genes that can be used by industry to breed disease resistance oysters through marker assisted selection. The work will be conducted in collaboration with the New South Wales Department of Primary industries, and the iMQRES will be expected to spend a component of their project working with these industry partners. It is desirable that candidates have prior experience in molecular biology, bioinformatics and/or aquaculture research. However, high level training in these areas will be available throughout the course of the project if the successful candidate does not have experience in these areas. The successful candidates will also have to meet Macquarie University’s English proficiency requirements.

iMQRES scholarships are offered for a period of 3.5 years. The scholarship will provide funds to pay international tuition fees and a stipend (living allowance) of $24,653 per year tax free.

For further information, contact:

Professor David Raftos,, or,

Professor Paul Haynes,

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MQRES PhD scholarship to study disease resistance in Sydney rock oysters