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This summer has been excellent because I’m not TAing and have been able to focus primarily on my research.  I am currently working on a manuscript characterizing DNA methylation patterns in the Pacific oyster at a genome-wide level, using high-throughput bisulfite sequencing data.  After re-analyzing my data this week using the correct genomic tracks and the correct files for methylated and unmethylated regions of the genome, I feel confident moving forward and generating figures for my analyses.  It is interesting to visualize the output of my data after tackling with this large dataset for months now.  I’m spending lots of time finalizing my results, coming up with my main discussion points, and reading lots of literature in an attempt to stay up to date with the research.

My other focus for August will be to get the data out for my array.  I’ve processed all my samples for MBD, however I got an extremely low yield of DNA- not enough to run the array.  I’m not sure what my next steps will be for this process, so I need to regroup and discuss with my lab mates about what I should do next.

Another goal for this month is to tackle some RNAseq data that’s recently become available from the same sample I am analyzing from my bisulfite sequencing run.  I’m not sure if this data will be included in my manuscript, but it will be interesting to look at differential expression of genes in this sample.  

Our lab tech is currently processing samples from a spawning experiment I did this Spring, so we will hopefully be able to submit these samples for BS soon.  I’m interested in comparing methylation levels between a single cell type (sperm/eggs) and oyster larvae.  Overall, it looks like I’ll be getting some new data over the next few months so I’m excited to tackle my current dataset and move on to the next.  Lots going on this month!

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Claire’s August goals