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Genetic and genotoxic impacts in the oyster< i> Crassostrea gigas</i> exposed to the harmful alga< i> Alexandrium minutum</i>

AM Mat, H Haberkorn, JP Bourdineaud, JC Massabuau… – Aquatic Toxicology, 2013
Abstract Genotoxic, genetic and behavioral impacts of the paralytic shellfish toxin (PST)-
producing alga Alexandrium minutum on the oyster Crassostrea gigas were assessed using
RAPD-PCR, qPCR and valve activity recording. Oysters were exposed to a dose

DNA Methylation Is Crucial for the Early Development in the Oyster C. gigas

G Riviere, GC Wu, A Fellous, D Goux, P Sourdaine… – Marine Biotechnology, 2013
Abstract In vertebrates, epigenetic modifications influence gene transcription, and an appropriate
DNA methylation is critical in development. Indeed, a precise temporal and spatial pattern of
early gene expression is mandatory for a normal embryogenesis. However, such a

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