The third day of the First International Conference of Fish and Shellfish Immunology in Vigo, Spain started off with .. me. I gave the keynote. Of course in order to be official it had to be live tweeted first.


Epigenetic and Environmental Influences on the Shellfish Immune Response. Steven Roberts. figshare.

In slide 2 you can see I provided them with a URL: where they could have access to the slides, data, links etc. Below are the links I provided.


I think the presentation went well. There were few laughs, but I chalked that up to the puns not translating well to the international audience. The talk was divided into three sections: 1) Environmental influences on biology, 2) Epigenetics, and 3) Open Science. Caroline said I got a little too excited near the end and was talking a little fast. I was right on with time at 40 minutes, providing time for questions.

The first one, from Simon, was inquiring about any randomness in methylation across individuals, particulary with those genes condersidered inducible. Other questions and comments included questioning standard biological material, how the microbiome might influence epigenetic profiles, and how easy is it for scientist to practice Open Science. My answer to the latter was “very”, while tacking on some of the personal advantages and noting we has been doing it since 2007. Caroline was impressed with that number.

Following the talk I got a few questions concerning how one might go about studying DNA methylation variation and specific questions about Open Science tools. One person was quite excited about IPython and I had conversations concerning how the data was handled. I described how we have a network attached storage device for daily use where we host and link to in our lab notebooks.

Much more happened on day 3, which will be covered in subsequent posts…

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Vigo Day 3 Recap – Keynote