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A few weeks ago I went to Wilkes Elementary to give a presentation and show the students some marine invertebrates. I used some of the more charismatic examples from FISH310 and the kids were extremely knowledgable and full of questions. I easily had more student interaction in that one hour than 10 weeks in my college course!  Below is a post from Mrs. Spickard’s blog on my visit.

Marine Science with Mr. Roberts

Posted by Laurie Spickard at 5/21/2013

Mr. Roberts came to share his marine science expertise with us!  We thank you for taking the time to share the pictures and creatures you brought!  Wait until the next time you go with your child to the beach.  You will be amazed what your little marine biologist knows!  


And we are off to the beach on Friday for our low tide exploration at Fort Ward!  We can’t wait.  Details about this trip will be sent by email in a few days.

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FISH310 for 2nd Graders