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[PDF] Relatedness within and among sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) social units assessed using single nucleotide polymorphisms

W Beslin – 2013
Altruistic behavior, such as caring for the offspring of others, is an intriguing phenomenon
observed in several mammalian species. One of the most successful theories for explaining
how this behavior could have evolved is kin selection. According to this theory, altruism

Temporal dynamics and plasticity in the cellular immune response of the sea fan coral, Gorgonia ventalina

CS Couch, E Weil, CD Harvell – Marine Biology
Abstract The temporal dynamics of the invertebrate immune response often determines an
organism’s success in responding to physiological stress, physical damage, and pathogens.
To date, most immune challenge studies have been conducted under highly controlled

Impacts of ocean acidification on marine shelled molluscs

F Gazeau, LM Parker, S Comeau, JP Gattuso… – Marine Biology
Abstract Over the next century, elevated quantities of atmospheric CO 2 are expected to
penetrate into the oceans, causing a reduction in pH (− 0.3/− 0.4 pH unit in the surface
ocean) and in the concentration of carbonate ions (so-called ocean acidification). Of

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