Traditionally, the peer-reviewed journal article has been the primary way for scientists to build and measure their scholarly impact. Now, researchers and developers can share & track much more of their efforts: from code snippets to lab notes, data sets to grant proposals. For our first anniversary, ScienceOnlineSeattle will examine this trend, including new views of journal impact, the movement beyond publications to valuing “research products”, and ways to track the impact of our online research footprint through the development of alternative metrics—altmetrics. Join us!

Conversation Igniters:

Heather Piwowar, National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. Heather co-founded ImpactStory, a tool for tracking your research impact online.
Jason Priem, UNC-Chapel Hill. Jason coined the term altmetrics, and co-founded ImpactStory.
Jevin West, post-doc with Umea University, and University of Washington eScience Institute. Jevin co-founded the Eigenfactor Project.
Randy LeVeque, UW Applied Mathematics. Randy works extensively with code libraries and, as chair of the Journals Committee for the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, is addressing the challenges of code citation in publications.
Steven Roberts, Assistant Professor in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. Steven has fully integrated numerous open science platforms, including figshare and online lab notebooks, into his research lab.
Mike Buschman, co-founder of Plum Analytics, a tool for tracking your research impact online.
Time: — Join us at 5:30pm for appetizers and libations; the live-streamed (and live-tweeted) conversation will start at 6:00, with the opportunity to play with the altmetrics platforms at 6:45. Stick around past 7:00 to continue our discussion!Location: Odegaard Library, Room 220, 4060 George Washington Lane Northeast, University of Washington

Curious? Join us! Can’t join us in real life? It will be livestreamed and live-tweeted!


Altmetrics and the evolution of scholarly impacts
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