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Ogcocephalus porrectus

Look at this beaut!!
This is the rosy-lipped batfish, a wonderful little fish found near Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica. This bottom-dwelling fish can be found at depths ranging from 90 to 450 feet and when fully-grown it measures about the size of an adult open hand. Its nearly flat on top, and spreads its pectoral fins out to its sides. A slow and clumsy character, the rosy-lipped batfish uses its pectoral and pelvic fins like legs to crawl on the ocean floor rather than swim. Ichthyologist and batfish expert John McCosker says they prefer to “sit upright, like old tail-dragging airplanes.”
When the batfish reaches adulthood, its dorsal fin becomes a single spine-like projection that lures prey. Similar to the anglerfish the rosy-lipped batfish has a structure on its head known as a rostrum – a structure which protects a thin, retractable appendage that the batfish deploys to lure small edible fishes. Rosy-lipped batfish are voracious, carnivorous eaters who prefer a diet consisting mainly of small fish, shrimps, mollusks and crabs.

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