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This is THE MONTH.  I need to finish up most of my lab work and hopefully analyses before I start TAing this spring.  I’m making slow but steady process on the proteomics paper.  I just got a lot of helpful information this week, which will make me feel more confident in my analyses.  I should have a decent draft done by the end of March ( I know I’ve been saying this for a little while now…).

Next week I’m going to start sequencing the MSAFLPs for the Oly project. I’m running a dilution plate on Monday and if that goes well then I should be able to sequence everything by the end of the week.  With any luck, and help from the folks at Manchester, the microsat genotyping will also be done this month and I can start in on analysis.

There are a few loose ends I’d like to investigate as well.  I want to look at the histo slides I already have in more depth to see if it’s worth it to make any more.  I’m meeting with Mike Brett on Monday to talk about fatty acid results and if I’m missing anything in my analyses there.  Gary Dickinson is also going to be done with the hardness tests of my oyster shells soon.  As all of this comes together, I’m hoping to synthesize it into a nice and cohesive story.

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Emma’s March Goals