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Molecular genetic bases of adaptation processes and approaches to their analysis

EA Salmenkova – Russian journal of genetics, 2013
Résumé/Abstract Great interest in studying the molecular genetic bases of the adaptation
processes is explained by their importance in understanding evolutionary changes, in the
development of intraspecific and interspecific genetic diversity, and in the creation of

Genomic patterns of introgression in rainbow and westslope cutthroat trout illuminated by overlapping paired‐end RAD sequencing

PA Hohenlohe, MD Day, SJ Amish, MR Miller… – Molecular Ecology, 2013
Abstract Rapid and inexpensive methods for genomewide single nucleotide polymorphism
(SNP) discovery and genotyping are urgently needed for population management and
conservation. In hybridized populations, genomic techniques that can identify and

Special Issue Oceans and Humans Health: The Ecology of Marine Opportunists

CA Burge, CJS Kim, JM Lyles, CD Harvell – Microbial Ecology, 2013
Abstract Opportunistic marine pathogens, like opportunistic terrestrial pathogens, are
ubiquitous in the environment (waters, sediments, and organisms) and only cause disease
in immune-compromised or stressed hosts. In this review, we discuss four host–pathogen

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