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Short periods of fasting followed by refeeding change the expression of muscle growth-related genes in juvenile Nile tilapia (< i> Oreochromis niloticus</i>)

C Nebo, MC Portella, FR Carani, FLA de Almeida… – … and Physiology Part B: …, 2013
Abstract Muscle growth mechanisms are controlled by molecular pathways that can be
affected by fasting and refeeding. In this study, we hypothesized that short period of fasting
followed by refeeding would change the expression of muscle growth-related genes in

Integration of Vibrio vulnificus into Marine Aggregates and Its Subsequent Uptake by Crassostrea virginica Oysters

B Froelich, M Ayrapetyan, JD Oliver – Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2013
ABSTRACT Marine aggregates are naturally forming conglomerations of larvacean houses,
phytoplankton, microbes, and inorganics adhered together by exocellular polymers. In this
study, we show in vitro that the bacterial pathogen Vibrio vulnificus can be concentrated

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