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I feel that I did not make much progress on my January goals, so I am sorry for any redundancies in February.  My main goal this month is to be much more productive than I was last month.  I’m finishing up my analyses and figures for the OA/MS proteomics manuscript.  I will also be presenting these results at NSA towards the end of the month.  I would like to have this manuscript at least close to submission-ready by the end of February.

I did manage to finish something last month: I completed lab work for fatty acid work.  I’m going to learn how to analyze my results this week and hopefully incorporate them into the manuscript.

This week I am also going to get started on MSAFLP lab work for the Olympia oyster samples.  Katie sampled 10 oysters from 3 different populations in Puget Sound.  I also need to track down the environmental data that she found for analysis later on down the line.  By the end of the month I would like to have the lab work done for these samples, including sequencing, and at least know how to analyze the results.

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Emma’s February Goals