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Interleukin-17 in pearl oyster (< i> Pinctada fucata</i>): Molecular cloning and functional characterization

SZ Wu, XD Huang, Q Li, MX He – Fish & Shellfish Immunology, 2013
Abstract IL-17 from pearl oyster Pinctada fucata, one of mollusk, was identified and
characterized, and its genomic structure and promoter were analyzed. The full-length cDNA
of P. fucata IL-17 (PfIL-17) is 907 bp with an open reading frame of 585 bp encoding a

Characterizing genic and nongenic molecular markers: comparison of microsatellites and SNPs

J DeFaveri, H Viitaniemi, E Leder, J Merilä – Molecular Ecology Resources, 2013
Abstract The implications of transitioning to single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) from
microsatellite markers (MSs) have been investigated in a number of population genetics
studies, but the effect of genomic location on the amount of information each type of

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