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Genomic cloning and promoter functional analysis of myostatin-2 in shi drum,< i> Umbrina cirrosa</i>: Conservation of muscle-specific promoter activity

E Nadjar-Boger, L Maccatrozzo, G Radaelli… – … and Physiology Part B: …, 2012
Abstract Myostatin (MSTN) is a member of the transforming growth factor-ß superfamily,
known as a negative regulator of skeletal muscle development and growth in mammals. In
contrast to mammals, fish possess at least two paralogs of MSTN: MSTN-1 and MSTN-2.

[HTML] Two Different High Throughput Sequencing Approaches Identify Thousands of De Novo Genomic Markers for the Genetically Depleted Bornean Elephant

R Sharma, B Goossens, C Kun-Rodrigues, T Teixeira… – PLOS ONE, 2012
High throughput sequencing technologies are being applied to an increasing number of
model species with a high-quality reference genome. The application and analyses of whole-
genome sequence data in non-model species with no prior genomic information are

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