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[HTML] Rank and Order: Evaluating the Performance of SNPs for Individual Assignment in a Non-Model Organism

CG Storer, CE Pascal, SB Roberts, WD Templin… – PLOS ONE, 2012
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are valuable tools for ecological and evolutionary
studies. In non-model species, the use of SNPs has been limited by the number of markers
available. However, new technologies and decreasing technology costs have facilitated

[PDF] Western Alaska Salmon Stock Identification Program Technical Document 23: Chum Salmon SNP Selection Results

NA DeCovich, JR Jasper, SM Turner, C Habicht… – 2012
Early in the development of the Western Alaska Salmon Stock Identification Program
(WASSIP) it was clear that the resolution of chum salmon spawning in Coastal Western
Alaska (CWAK) regional areas (Norton Sound, Lower Yukon, Lower Kuskokwim, Western

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