The geoduck genome assembly started 20180405 completed this weekend.

This assembly utilized the BGI data and all of the Illumina project data (NMP and NovaSeq) with a kmer 101 setting.

I ran Quast to gather some assembly stats, using the following command:

python /home/sam/software/quast-4.5/ -t 24 /mnt/owl/Athaliana/20180405_sparseassembler_kmer101_geoduck/Contigs.txt

Quast output folder: results_2018_04_15_13_45_03/

Quast report (HTML): results_2018_04_15_13_45_03/report.html

I’ve embedded the Quast HTML report below, but it may be easier to view by using the link above.

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from Sam’s Notebook

Assembly Stats – Quast Stats for Geoduck SparseAssembler Job from 20180405
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