Continuing Illumina’s generous efforts to use our geoduck samples to test out the robustness of their emerging sequencing technologies, they have requested we send them some more geoduck tissue so that they can try to isolate higher molecular weight DNA to complete the genome sequencing efforts using the 10x genomics sequencing platform.

The previous set of tissues sent did not yield DNA with high enough molecular weight.

This time, I pulverized ctenidia and foot tissues under liquid nitrogen with mortar and pestle, in hopes of improving the efficiency of the extraction process they’re using.

I sent three frozen pieces of geoduck foot, ctenidia, & adductor muscle tissue on dry ice. Tissue was collected by Brent & Steven on 20150811.

FedEx tracking: 770975522511

from Sam’s Notebook

Samples Submitted – Pulverized Geoduck Tissues to Illumina for More 10x Genomics Sequencing
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