Research in our lab focuses on characterizing physiological responses of marine organisms to environmental change. Major themes include Environmental Epigenetics, Reproductive Biology, and Genomics.


Our lab strives to make all research products readily available. This includes publishing of online lab notebooks, presentations, data, and more. This is an effective means to openly share our activities with the public.


Learn more about the lab members including their diverse backgrounds and research interests. Current research activities involve ocean acidification, aquaculture, corals, geoducks, and more!

Exploring native oyster shell microchemistry to characterize population connectivity in Puget Sound

Megan's Masters Defense Presentation.

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Differential response to stress in Ostrea lurida as measured by gene expression

We found that heat stress and mechanical stress significantly changed expression in molecular regulatory activity and immune response, respectively

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Epigenetic considerations in aquaculture

Based on aspects of life history and husbandry practices in aquaculture species, the application of epigenetic knowledge could significantly affect productivity and sustainability

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