Research in our lab focuses on characterizing physiological responses of marine organisms to environmental change. Major themes include Environmental Epigenetics, Reproductive Biology, and Genomics.


Our lab strives to make all research products readily available. This includes publishing of online lab notebooks, presentations, data, and more. This is an effective means to openly share our activities with the public.


Learn more about the lab members including their diverse backgrounds and research interests. Current research activities involve ocean acidification, aquaculture, corals, geoducks, and more!

FFAR Awards lab grant focused on Pacific geoduck

To improve Pacific geoduck clam production by altering environmental conditions at key stages of the cycle and identifying genetic markers associated with optimal traits

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Podcast launched to document crab research

Outreach Portal for NPRB Project : Effects of temperature change and Hematodinium (Bitter Crab Disease) on Tanner crabs

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Katherine publishes her multi-generation work on Olys!

Consistent differences in fitness traits across multiple generations of Olympia oysters

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