News and Notes

- Up in Arms: Immune and Nervous System Response To Sea Star Wasting Disease - a new product from FHL Course EIMD! [7/15]
- Sam teaches the Unix shell & GitHub at Software Carpentry @ UW eScience Data Center [6/15]
- Steven does SAFS Seminar - DNA methylation in inverts, should we care? [4/15]

Open Science

We practice open science with lab members maintaining online electronic lab notebooks. In addition we have developed a Data and Resource Sharing Plan and are in the process of providing a list of resources we use for open science. To learn more about what we are doing, be sure to view our weekly, live lab meetings on YouTube, follow us on Facebook, or check out one or more of our blogs.

Up in Arms: Immune and Nervous System Response to Sea Star Wasting Disease

Fuess LE, Eisenlord ME, Closek CJ, Tracy AM, Mauntz R, Gignoux-Wolfsohn S, Moritsch MM, Yoshioka R, Burge CA, Harvell CD, Friedman CS, Hewson I, Hershberger PK, Roberts SB. (July 15, 2015). PLoS ONE doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0133053

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