Making the Buttons

First my Grandfather had to obtain type for printing the buttons. He tried to get the metal "slugs" for the languages that did not use latin letters. For some languages he just could not find anybody who made those kind of types, and he finally took the samples of handwritten script to an engraver, who made something similar to a stamp. Here are some of the types in his box:

He then printed the buttons, in circles with red or blue ink on the top and bottom:

After he had printed those on special paper, he sent them to a company which made them into buttons.

He had saved a newpaper article from 1944 about another
company which made stamps, showing the process:

Here are some of his papers about making the buttons:
Searching for type (letter)
Still searching for type (letter)
Reply from Watchtower (letter)
Found Russian type (letter)

Letter from a stamp company

Handwritten scripts sent to engraver
More scripts sent to engraver
"Don't reduce, don't enlarge"
The engraving company
Receipt from Sears
Receipt for making stamps
Notes about making stamps

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